[Typo3-UG Italy] Slightly OT: User Group in Italy

Lars E. D. Jensen | DCmedia ledj-typo3 at dcmedia.biz
Fri Jul 16 21:37:49 CEST 2004

Hi all

You are about to read something slightly off topic, I hope you don't 
flame me ;)

I'm from Denmark, yeah the country where the inventer of TYPO3 lives :)
I've been professionally working with TYPO3 for over 2 years.

During september I'm moving to Milan for about 6 month (when we find an 
appartment that is).

I plan to work remote from Italy, but while I'm there it could be 
interesting to meet some people who is also working with TYPO3, 
preferrable at business level.

Italy is a larger country than Denmark, so I don't know if anyone is 
living in Milan or nearby AND is interested in meeting me and talk TYPO3 :)

I've started the first user group in Denmark together with some other 
people and they are now well visited.
Do you have such meetings too? It sure could be nice to attend :)

Thanks for your time reading this.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Lars E. D. Jensen (DCmedia TYPO3 Business Solutions)
lars at dangvard.dk

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