[TYPO3-typo3org] Better Searchresult template

redacted user redacted-user at example.org
Mon Feb 12 20:43:18 CET 2007

Hi ben and *,
thanks for feedback. I reworked the mockup based on your input. 
Additionally i made a version (and some mutations) for the 'startpage' 
of the search.

Have a look:

The t3.org pages for comparison:

@ Startpage:
I'm not sure if the sections are too difficult to make for typo3.org 
(from a technical view). Would be nice if somebody who has insight of 
the pagetree of typo3.org and knows how the search is configured could 
provide some feedback on this topic. The points in the sections don't 
follow a real concept, it was led by the feeling what could be useful 
for constricting the search in order to get better results. To clarify 
which points to take, I suggest an analysis of the statistics of 
typo3.org to identify which sections are most visited.


Ben O'Hear schrieb:
> Hi Boris,
> I agree - big improvement. Couple of comments (largely based on the 
> principle of "if it's good enough for Google..."):
> - Writing "Page 1, Page 2, etc" is a bit redundant. How about: "Page: 1  2 
> 3  4"? Also the link to the current page should really be disabled.
> - Unless I'm missing some hidden meaning, the icons serve no purpose, 
> dominate visually and don't even look that good. I'd suggest losing them.
> - "Start Search" would be clearer as just "Search"
> - Personally I agree with removing the relevance score - the relative 
> relevance is implicit in the ordering and the absolute one is unlikely to 
> mean much to the user.
> - On the other hand the "Result X-Y from Z" was kind of nice.
> - Is it actually useful to have "order by..."? That's the kind of thing 
> which is invaluable on structured data but I find a bit pointless on free 
> text searches. If we have to have it, I would suggest moving it to an 
> "advanced" screen.
> - That way the button could also be on the same line as the search field ...
> - ... which could be about twice as wide.
> - On the topic of which, although this is probably not your doing, why are 
> the titles truncated so early?
> - Is there any chance we could get the button to look like a button (3D-ish 
> 'n' all that)?
> Best,
> Ben
> "Daniel Brüßler" <info at -remove-patchworking.de> wrote in message 
> news:mailman.1.1170717064.12282.typo3-team-typo3org at lists.netfielders.de...
>> Hi Boris,
>> I like it! Looks very good, the green and the softed gray are a good
>> idea. We shall use it.
>> Two questions are left for me:
>> * Why is the "?0" also in your search-results?
>> * What's with the relevance-percentage-number? That's a nice feature IMHO
>> kind regards
>> Daniel Brüßler
>> redacted user schrieb:
>>> Hello,
>>> I made a better searchresult page for Typo3.org. 'Better' is meant as
>>> getting an easy overview of the result with keeping a relaxed eye and 
>>> mind.
>>> At the moment:
>>> http://typo3.org/index.php?id=1344&tx_indexedsearch[sword]=typo3
>>> Mock-up with the same data:
>>> http://screens.typoheads.at/t3org/search/
>>> Tested on Win ie6/7, FF, Opera; Mac Safari, FF
>>> If somebody decides that this should be implemented on the live system
>>> i can certainly help out to do this. I can provide the indexed_search
>>> template, css and typoscript.
>>> Email: redacted-user at example.org
>>> Regards,
>>> Boris
>>> PS: btw there is a bug in the url of the path:
>>> "?0=" is added at the end of the url. don't know for what.. 

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