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ben van 't ende [netcreators] ben at netcreators.com
Tue Oct 31 21:24:13 CET 2006

Patrick Gaumond wrote:
> Like Stefano, I miss the old Who's who page.
> We can easily recreate that one even with a manual approach to get it
> back faster (I volunteer to do it) but that brings the question of who
> decide people "important enough" ?
> The minimum would be:
> 1. Association Active members
> 2. Core Dev members
> Then do we want teams? Team leaders only?
> Active people? Extensions developers with more than 10 extensions?(that
> would be silly...)
> I'm open to suggestions

Hi Patrick,

I have done an interview with Sebastian already some time ago to get the
 TYPO3 people pages going on TYPO3.nl because there where none anymore
on TYPO3.org. We can easily stick to the format that is used on
http://www.kde.nl/people. It is not that difficult. You can use a ready
format and add one or two questions that could be like random or that
apply to the person on question.

I volunteer as an editor and to get the format rolling. There should be
NO guidelines to determine who should get on the people pages. There
will be someone highlighted every two weeks so in 2145 we will have the
majority of interesting people covered. Just kidding ofcourse. The staff
of the people pages can be open to suggestions by the readers. I think
this can be a fun job and of extra value to the community.

Patrick? What about it?
Robert? Can we still influence this people pages plugin by Kasper?


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