[TYPO3-typo3org] Consolidate - don't divide?

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Oct 20 15:02:30 CEST 2006


Alex Heizer wrote:
> Well, I think (from what I've read everyone saying) is that we'd all 
> prefer to have TYPO3 run for everything we need.

Not really... I would prefer to keep bug tracker as is and use Subversion :)

 > But in the real world
> it's not practical for some things. Which, yes, it's sad, but it's the 
> reality of having only 24 hours in a day, being volunteer-based, and all 
> that.   :S

Fully agree!

> Well, all the links except for the ones self-contained within the forum 
> itself all point back to main typo3.org pages, so I'm not sure what else 
> could be done.

It is not bad at the moment. I also suggested saying a couple of words 
on the frontpage of support.typo3.org why we actually use Jive for 
support site. That would answer some questions.

> I guess what my question would be is... what *can* be 
> done with what we have available? Just make a landing page on the main 
> site where people click to then get to the forum?

Yes. + useful contacts for security, news and other teams. The exist on 
main site )just need to search for each contact) but it would not hurt 
to have them on support site.

> Again, it's all a 
> matter of doing what we can with the resources available to us.

As usual. Nothing bad, this is life :)

> Well, if you have any suggestions for getting from here to where you see 
> it, how do we move forward from where we are at now?  :)

As I said, make the front page on typo3 and forums on Jive. Possible?

Dmitry Dulepov

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