[TYPO3-typo3org] Consolidate - don't divide?

Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Fri Oct 20 09:00:45 CEST 2006


Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> Kasper Skårhøj wrote:
>>> * It doesn't make any sense to use another CMS
>> Yes, of course it does.
> Not if we write our own. It hurts reputation if we do not use our own 
> tools. It means that we, as developers, do not trust to thing we 
> develop. This is what customers usually think when they realize such 
> fact. I know this from customer relations in several commercial projects 
> (not only typo3).

Every person and organization has a specific set of needs and 
capabilities. No one can be all things to everyone, and no piece of 
software is
an exception. Microsoft Word does not (yet) open Photoshop PSD files, 
Microsoft Access does not open Flash files, and certain tools provide 
extra functionality that TYPO3 does not or should not need to provide. I 
need to do my yearly federal taxes, should TYPO3 handle accounting, too? 
What about doing my laundry for me or cooking a pizza? The point is, a 
line needs to be drawn somewhere and the generic "We should only use 
TYPO3 for everything" argument is rather silly when you take into 
account everything that a healthy community needs to not only survive 
but also thrive. Some things we don't *want* TYPO3 to do, some things we 
do want it to do. The trick is coming up with a real, clear list of what 
TYPO3 should and shouldn't be, and meeting it as well as can be.

You have two feet that are yours, but do you ever ride a bike that 
someone else made? What about driving or riding in a car, bus, train, 
plane? Even Ferrari uses transportation that it doesn't build, in order 
to get done in a day all that it needs to get done. Do you think that 
Apple and Sun are incapable of writing their own forum or knowledge 
base? I think they *do* hire a few programmers now and then. So why do 
they use the same forum and KB software that TYPO3 uses? I think Apple's 
market share has seen a *slight* increase in value over the last few 
years, so I don't think using an externally-developed software package 
has hurt them very much. And, you're a programmer, but what OS do you 
use? Did you write it yourself? It's all about meeting needs as best as 
you can, and dedicating energy towards where it will do the most good. 
The same with the wiki, or any other feature that TYPO3 needs to 
provide. The purpose of Enterprise software is to do something very well 
and to integrate with other Enterprise-quality software which also do 
something very well. All we are doing is showing that our community is 

The good thing about open source software is that if you see a need, 
you're welcome to, as Kasper has said recently, "scratch that itch". If 
you see a need that isn't being met currently with TYPO3, fix it. If 
there's a better TYPO3 solution, of course use it. If not, and there 
isn't anything more of a priority, then do what you can to give the 
community what it needs to thrive. If moving every external program's 
functionality into TYPO3 is a priority for you, then more power to you 
and good luck with the coding.


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