[TYPO3-typo3org] Consolidate - don't divide?

Daniel Bruessler info at -remove-patchworking.de
Thu Oct 19 23:23:50 CEST 2006

Hello Kasper and Jan-Hendrik,

oh, now I see he wasn't kidding, because you write something simular.

But I cannot believe it. There're many big sites running using TYPO3 -
even interactive sites.

> JH was right, performance was the issue. Lesson learned was; Split
> functionality over multiple domains to make it easier to hos separately.
Yes, sounds good.

>> But you wrote much for just kidding, so I write three arguments
>> * all non-interactive-pages can be served from cache or from
>> StaticPublish by Apache
> Yes, but irrelevant in the long run.
You mean in the long run _just_ interactive pages? I think the reason
why the username (when logged in) doesn't appear on the most pages is to
have a minor number of cached pages. Right?

>> * I never needed LoadBalancing for PHP-sites, but it shouldn't be a
>> problem. I don't think that more than 2 servers are needed to serve
>> www.typo3.org (one for the DB, one for
>> Linux-Apache-Accelerator-PHP-TYPO3)
> You are wrong.
That's too short for me. You mean there're a dozen servers instead of 2,
and no solution for PHP-LoadBalancing does exist?

If this is the main thing that TYPO3 can stay the CMS for the
TYPO3-community, then it's really worth a second sight.


Did the page-per-minute-rate stay constant?

I calculated - 2,2 Mio that means _50_ pages-per-minute. With that
number it's easier to compare. Comparing with Java-based solutions
that's not so much, so the question is how good the LoadBalancer is to
have 2 or 3 webservers what serve TYPO3-pages at the same time.

Do you use http://www.zend.com/products/zend_platform or another one?

>> * It doesn't make any sense to use another CMS
> Yes, of course it does. We should use the best tool for the job. You
> forget that TYPO3 may not be the best tool for everything in the world
> and currently we are not good at dynamic functionality on a large scale.
> Lets just admit that for now and focus on what really matters; provide
> the service our community needs. (And if one day the situation improves
> we can migrate back to our favourite CMS).
Hm. What is the main problem with dynamic functionality?

I thought you were angry about me, because I put much work into the wiki
instead of doing it with TYPO3. So I was wrong :-)

kind regards
Daniel Brüßler

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