[TYPO3-typo3org] extensions dissapearing from TER2

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Sun Oct 8 18:45:32 CEST 2006


Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Haven't I written that a dozen times already? Documentation is rendered 
> in typo3.org/documentation only and excluded from ter_fe. This is 
> clearly visible in the source code of the ter_fe extension and a 
> *feature*.

Michael, you are talkig like a developer who does not care about users 
but about one "nice" feature :)

May be it is a feature but as soon as it is inconvinient for people, 
this is a good reason to revise such feature.

> I do not want to open ter_fe for doc-only extensions.

Well, this is what many people mean about usability in open source 
projects: it is defined by developers who think differently than users :)

> That, of course, has nothing to do with security, but comes as a result 
> of the decision to host documentation as extensions...

Decision, which is known only to selected group of people. I heard it 
for the first time right now, for example. How many other people are 
unaware of the decision that impacts them? :)

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