[TYPO3-typo3org] Quirks mode...

Michael Scharkow michael at underused.org
Sun Oct 1 17:29:36 CEST 2006

Matthew Manderson wrote:
>> Can you test please if the issues you described happens on typo3.org as
>> well?
> No. When I look at the two sites side by side using tabs in FF you can see
> differences. Assuming your underlying HTML code is the same then these
> differences will be due to browser interpretation.
> They don't look like major validation problems. The main one seemed to be
> the left nav which should be looked at as it is one fix that will affect
> many pages. I am happy to do that if you send me the TS for that part? 

I fixed this on ter.dev now. The list-based menu TS was wrong. I also 
fixed a strange re-definition of CSC menus which was another obstacle to 
validating the HTML.

Please re-check and write if you find other issues.


PS: Sebastian, I had to fix this in the TS templates, so we have to 
merge those changes to t3.org without SVN help ;)

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