[TYPO3-typo3org] Suggestion on new TYPO3.org frontpage

Espen Svebak firebee at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 15:21:52 CET 2006

Daniel Hinderink [TYPO3] skrev:
> Hi Espen,
> Thanks for your proposal. I quite like it and would like to get Ben O'Hears
> feedback on some of it, since he made the original design and may had some
> considerations that could be of importance.
I am sure both Ben and the HCI team has some considerations that I have 
overlooked. This is and should be a team effort to get a frontpage that 
best serves the community.

> I generally don't like it too much, if sub-pages look different from the
> front page regarding the overall layout, in this case adding a left column
> for the sub-navigation.

If I understand you correctly your concern is the left menu that 
contains the menu items New to TYPO3, Podcasts and Mailinglists. I see 
and agree to the concern to have a consistent navigation.

In my suggestion I opted to integrate these menu items in the context of 
the content, as I felt the top horizontal menu provided the sitewide 
navigational consistency needed. The left navigation area is well 
designed, and I feel it will stand out on the subpages enough to not 
create a usability issue.

 > May be you can find a resolution to this together that fits your 
effort and
 > the overall style together in a more seamless manner.

I am sure that we will find a resolution that will fit perfectly with 
the TYPO3 style, and the users of TYPO3.org.

Thanks for your feedback :)

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