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Mon Jan 23 17:45:08 CET 2006

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> Hi Elmar,
> I am not debating the good will of the T3N crew, nor am I concerned
> about having an official blessing for any and every activity with TYPO3.
> But T3N is definitely a niche platform and unavailable to those who
> don't speak German, cannot get a paper copy where they live, or don't
> want to invest the bucks for such a magazine.
> This is the reason why I don't think organizing an extension award for
> TYPO3 in T3N is the way to go, unless you make it T3N reader's choice
> award.

Hi Michael,

with awards your are absolutely right. That is an international matter, not so
good to be limited to one language. But we were talking of extension reviewing.
As we have no system to pay reviews with mony we either will have no reviews at
all or find other recompense for people doing reviews. As long as the review is
itself done in english I see no proplem by rewarding the people with an article.
I think this is a typical win-win constallation.



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