[TYPO3-typo3org] [Typo3-typo3org] Rating of extensions

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Mon Jan 23 16:03:50 CET 2006

Elmar Hinz wrote:

> TYPO3 has been build up by volunteers not by officials. It lives by what people
> are willing to contribute. As soon as you establish a consciouness that allways
> asks "What is official?" than you are on the best way to kill all efforts.
> T3N is a contribution of volunteers. It is a real chance to have a printed
> magazine for a system with a comparingly small community in terms of print
> media. There is no money to gain with a few hundred readers. Also T3N lives from
> enthusiasm.

Hi Elmar,

I am not debating the good will of the T3N crew, nor am I concerned 
about having an official blessing for any and every activity with TYPO3. 
But T3N is definitely a niche platform and unavailable to those who 
don't speak German, cannot get a paper copy where they live, or don't 
want to invest the bucks for such a magazine.
This is the reason why I don't think organizing an extension award for 
TYPO3 in T3N is the way to go, unless you make it T3N reader's choice award.


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