[TYPO3-typo3org] [Typo3-typo3org] Rating of extensions

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Wed Jan 18 10:06:05 CET 2006

Patrick Rodacker wrote:
> Hi Kasper, hi list,
> I just started monitoring this list and decided to help on coordinating
>   the set up of an extension rating system within the ECT. I know right
> now most of your time is very valuable due to the release of 4.0, so I
> just make some comments on the this thread and will get back to your
> answers if you had the time to deal with them.

Hi Patrick, thanks for your input. I am currently working on (an 
semi-officially in charge of) the rating system, so I can make some 
comments about how it's going to look like. I am currently collecting 
issues all through this thread, and see which fit us good.

> -  A rating systems should be developed on two different levels:
> -- users: rating system as described above
> -- official TYPO3 members / users: quality assurance system including in
> depth analysis of the source code, programming techniques, etc.

This will happen very soon:
1. We will have an official reviewing (atm only  security/QA related) 
which is done by an official group. (this is referred to as reviews)

2. We will also have user-driven ratings (referred to as ratings) for 

> - Rating categories like proposed ones for both levels:
> -- users: documentation, insallation, daily usage, layout apaptions, etc.

I talked to Robert Lemke yesterday, and we agreed that ratings are going 
to have (at least/for the moment) three dimensions: general usefulness, 
documentation and code quality/compatibility.

The reason for this quite simple model is that ratings should probably 
*not* be the one and only important issue in TER and an excessive rating 
system (like amazon-style ratings of ratings, weighted ratings, etc.) 
can lead to unwanted popularity contests and high-school drama which is 
not what TER is about.

> I prepared a proposoal [1] during the foundation phase of the ECT and
> will set up a first draft of a project description within the next days
> on the wiki as well.

I will have a look at it and see how much I can incorporate.


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