[TYPO3-typo3org] Re: [Typo3-typo3org] Rating of extensions

Patrick Rodacker patrick.rodacker at the-reflection.de
Tue Jan 17 20:06:59 CET 2006

Hi Kasper, hi list,

I just started monitoring this list and decided to help on coordinating
  the set up of an extension rating system within the ECT. I know right
now most of your time is very valuable due to the release of 4.0, so I
just make some comments on the this thread and will get back to your
answers if you had the time to deal with them.

Kasper Skårhøj wrote on 11.11.2005 14:09:

> User Ratings of extensions:
> - Rating with 1-5 stars and comment
> - Extension Author can comment a rating to counter bias or misunderstandings.
> - Other users can rate a rating (agree/don't agree). This reflects on the 
> authors global credibility on the site?
> - Ratings and reviews can be given only from the Extension Manager! This 
> secures that people actually installed the extensions (and hopefully tested 
> it). And it makes it easy to rate it!
> - Rating average is shown only after the first five ratings are given. If an 
> extension has received 1-4 ratings it is put into the "Jacuzzy" meaning it is 
> "upcoming" and needs some more ratings before it will appear. Point: Secure 
> an unbiased set of initial ratings.
> - Suggest ratings to address issues like "How was a) documentation, b) 
> installation phase, c) daily usage"?
+1 with some additions:

-  A rating systems should be developed on two different levels:
-- users: rating system as described above
-- official TYPO3 members / users: quality assurance system including in
depth analysis of the source code, programming techniques, etc.

- Rating categories like proposed ones for both levels:
-- users: documentation, insallation, daily usage, layout apaptions, etc.
-- official: security, compatibility, accessibility, configuration,
tempalte usage, etc.

I prepared a proposoal [1] during the foundation phase of the ECT and
will set up a first draft of a project description within the next days
on the wiki as well.

Wit best regards ... and keep up the good work. I think 4.0 will impress
the CMS community all around the world.

With best regards


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