[TYPO3-typo3org] two articles sections.. a bif of confusion.. some proposals for typo3.org

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Mon Feb 20 22:55:44 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> The FAQ should be named FAQ if we take it seriously and answer the most 
> popular questions from the lists.

well.. this is true

> Well, the difficulty is that development on typo3.org is ambiguous: is 
> it about developing TYPO3 or developing sites with TYPO3? I'd say it's 
> mostly the first, so I'd rather expect links to the roadmap, the CVS, 
> the bugtracker than resources for actual users.

agree about the ambiguity.. didn't notice it before...

> I don't like a resource main section because it's a catch-all term that 
> doesn't help separate stuff logically, but only packs any- and 
> everything concerning TYPO3 together. Resources can even be pictures, or 
> banners, or whatever. In detail:

i didn't like the "Resources" term either..

>> since the new line for TYPO3 is "Inspiring people to SHARE", i'd 
>> create as last main menu section a "Share" new one.
>> with the aim to really "help" the user to join TYPO3 development (not 
>> just "ask for help" ;)
> The term 'share' is too generic for my taste: Share what? Opinions, 
> code, tricks, extensions? All this is done in other categories.

i think this is an important point:
"share" means that you give something back to the typo3 project.. and you just don't "take" something for your own business..
to here could go many ideas and ways someone can share his work, his time, his resources, his creativity to help TYPO3

> Snippets may well go into a snippet archive, but BE skins and Templates 
> are simply extensions and can be treated as such.

yes i know that skins and templates are exts.. but if in the "share" section we do a little gallery of them, with a simple "propose a new one!"
someone could be inspired to create one!

i think the direction typo3.org should go is really to easy the research of the right resources and
  to show how funny and good is to help developing the TYPO3 project itself.

going to dinner :)

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