[TYPO3-typo3org] two articles sections.. a bif of confusion.. some proposals for typo3.org

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Mon Feb 20 12:52:12 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Actually, [2] looks completely obsolete to me. The decision for TS has 
> long been taken, the classic BE does not exist anymore, and the minute 
> website is not really an article and should exist only as a video, if at 
> all.

this week i'll do as Robert suggested..
well the article about TS and XSLT is very important.. many developers often ask me about TYPO3 and XSLT, and i point them to that article...
we'll see where to put the other articles... for now let's put them all together

>> 2) to automatically show all Other Resources [4] (i think there is 
>> that option in the new ext version, and add a "propose new link" form
> If you expand all items, it'll be a pretty long list. And maybe someone 
> can go through that and remove old stuff as well.

yes i think this section should be really improved..
especially the "snippets" section... TOO USEFUL! (like typo3wizards, snippet.net (which isn't either published)..
maybe it should be highlighted somewhere else.. i'd give it a sub section or.. see next point

>> 3) to hide "FAW/HOW TO" section [5] until mailing list archive are on
> yes. We need a real FAQ (in the sense of not 400 questions from the 
> lists, but maybe a few dozen) anytime soon. I always wanted to do that 
> but never found the time.

yes... old topic, this :)
could be the time to start over with a real FAQ extension.. and with time to fill up the database with all old faqs/howto and the snippets around?
and since now there are 3 FAQ sections (under "about", "extensions" and "documentation"..)
i'd call this section "tips and tricks" (or "developer FAQ") and merge the actual tips and tricks with the previous articles section..

>> 4) to put the "Teams" main section under the Development one 
>> (automatically open)
> Why not leave the teams their own entry point?

well my points are:
1) the teams are the "engine" of the "development".. the two are really tight.. in fact in homepage http://typo3.org/development/
you have a list of the teams.
2) it's an important section, but if it becomes the first subsection of the development, it has all visibility and
3) it would reduce the main menu, where i'd like to propose a new main section.. something like "Resources".. with the idea that it could be the first section for a newby.
we really need to easy the approach to typo3 development.. now it's a bit complicated.. too many places to go...

if we collect here:
- the "sites made with TYPO3"
- the "Other Resources"
- the tips&triks and snippets
- the FAQ
- the videos

so to leave in the "Documentation" just the official docs, and here all the contributions that can help in the approach

since the new line for TYPO3 is "Inspiring people to SHARE", i'd create as last main menu section a "Share" new one.
with the aim to really "help" the user to join TYPO3 development (not just "ask for help" ;)

i'd put here the "report bugs" subsection (now it's wrongly under Documentation)
a links to the dev teams
propose new snippets
propose new BE skins
propose new Templates

well these are my first considerations to improve typo3.org
would be really great to have it grooving for 4.0 release (so that we can do a mass diffusion campaign)


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