[TYPO3-typo3org] two articles sections.. a bif of confusion.. some proposals for typo3.org

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Mon Feb 20 11:24:41 CET 2006

stefano cecere wrote:
> i was search typo3.org for that article about tuning performace..
> and i discovered that there is:
> - an article section under Development [1]
> - an article section under Documentation [2]
> - a tips & tricks unnder Documentation... [3]
> i'd like to suggest some usability improvements for typo3.org:
> 1) to merge all the above  [1] [2] [3] in just 1 section (at least 1 and 
> 2) under Documentation

Actually, [2] looks completely obsolete to me. The decision for TS has 
long been taken, the classic BE does not exist anymore, and the minute 
website is not really an article and should exist only as a video, if at 

> 2) to automatically show all Other Resources [4] (i think there is that 
> option in the new ext version, and add a "propose new link" form

If you expand all items, it'll be a pretty long list. And maybe someone 
can go through that and remove old stuff as well.

> 3) to hide "FAW/HOW TO" section [5] until mailing list archive are on

yes. We need a real FAQ (in the sense of not 400 questions from the 
lists, but maybe a few dozen) anytime soon. I always wanted to do that 
but never found the time.

> 4) to put the "Teams" main section under the Development one 
> (automatically open)

Why not leave the teams their own entry point?


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