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Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Feb 17 13:04:04 CET 2006

Hi Erik,

On Friday, 17. February 2006 12:52, Erik Svendsen wrote:

 > Shouldn't it be made some guidelines for making national TYPO3 sites. If
 > they are using the design and logo of typo3.org/typo3.com they will look
 > somehow official, and should have a look thats "approved" by the
 > association.


 > I think national TYPO3 sites should give the same impression and still
 > be easy to distinguish from typo3.com/typo3.org

We also have to distinguish between typo3.com clones and typo3.org clones. 
While it makes sense having marketing focussed websites in different 
countries, I don't think that it makes sense having a second typo3.org. 
That's why I recently prepared all extensions on typo3.org (including TER2) 
to support multiple languages so we have the option in the future to offer 
typo3.org in other languages too.

 > Else! Good work Robert.

Thank you!

Robert Lemke
TYPO3 Association - Research & Development
Member of the board

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