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Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Aug 22 23:10:59 CEST 2006

Any news about this?

- michael

Ingmar Schlecht wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> how's it going? I'm really looking forward to the mailing list to forum
> bridge so I'd be curious to hear if there's any news?
> Are there any problems still to be solved or is everything basically
> ready for Sune to create the subdomain support.typo3.org?
> As far as single-signon and stuff like that is concerned: Couldn't we
> enable postings without registration but securing it with a captcha?
> cheers
> Ingmar
> Alex Heizer schrieb:
>> Hi all,
>> The support forum that I had set up for the TYPO3 community is mostly
>> ready to go at http://support.typo3.us . I have imported most of the key
>> groups, especially the incredibly large English list, and have secured
>> the license for it so that we can use it free of cost from the very
>> generous and open-source-friendly Jive software developers. I haven't
>> imported the German list, which is equally as large as the English list,
>> but this import is planned for the near future. Since it will take
>> approximately 3-4 days (72+ hours, at least), I intended to start the
>> import after all of the other groups had been imported.
>> A lot of the questions on the English list are recurring questions that
>> have been answered many times in the past, and in the past month I've
>> seen quite a few "search the newsgroup" replies to new users.  So having
>> the forum go live could certainly help with the dissemination of
>> knowledge. I plan to offer the forum to the US and English lists as
>> available for people to begin using as *the* TYPO3 support forum in beta
>> mode for a week or two to get some real world feedback. This will start
>> getting people looking for answers and using the forum on a regular
>> basis.
>> Since the forum has an integrated knowledge base, it's very easy for any
>> forum member to suggest that a post/thread be a KB article, and it's
>> very easy for a KB admin to convert a forum thread to a KB article. So
>> as the site gets used more the KB can easily grow based on all of the
>> existing posts of the last 3 years.
>> Questions/thoughts:
>> - Currently this forum is at http://support.typo3.us -- where should it
>> eventually go? And if it should go on a typo3.org subdomain, when should
>> we set up the domain parking, before or after the beta period? I
>> personally would recommend 'http://support.typo3.org', but that's just
>> my preference.
>> - Do we also want a separate knowledgebase subdomain in addition to a
>> forum one?
>> - There is no single sign-on for mailinglist or typo3.org users to
>> integrate with the forum. This means to post to the forum users will
>> need to sign up with a new account and put in the email address they use
>> for the mailing lists in order for posts to be sent through the lists.
>> If the email address is the same as in the mailing list, they will be
>> posted once they are posted to the forum. The real world test will be to
>> see what happens if the email address doesn't match. Current testing
>> indicates the posts don't get accepted by the mailing list but still
>> appear in the forum.
>> - The forum has the default design, but we plan to use the typo3.org
>> design to coordinate (modified to accommodate the forum's wider content
>> area).
>> If people are happy with me offering this as-is to the community for
>> open testing before going "live", I'll do that in the next few days.
>> Cheers,
>> Alex

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