[TYPO3-typo3org] Request: Move trac to a t3.org subdomain

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Tue Aug 22 08:54:15 CEST 2006

Hi Andreas,

> Could you please elaborate what you mean with "as good access control then
> mantis"?
I just looked again into the documentation of TRAC to compare the access
control systems. I noticed that you can manage all the rights we have
now globally, but it is not easily possible to add sub-projects of
projects, (like we have today, typo3_core->css_styled_content).
I then wanted to check how multiple projects could run from within one
trac instance - see [1]. It would work technically, but it wouldn't be
possible to move issues from one project to another. While this seems
quite improboable at first sight to need such a feature, real-life
experiences have shown that differently.
As seen in [1], Trac will change this complete separation of projects in
the longer term, and I agree with Ingmar that we should continue
watching the project.

> I did not say that TRAC should be hosted on the same server as TYPO3.org.
> TRAC should ideally be on a separate server, but belong to the *.TYPO3.org
> namespace.
Great, then we are talking about the same thing! DNS enables us to host
*typo3.org servers whereever we want, so f.e. wiki.typo3.org is hosted
at elios, and not at punkt.de. We think the trac instance we have
currently will be available under source.typo3.org soon.

> Yes, the great thing about this is, that the user ends up with another two
> logins. What is so great here?
We are right now in the process of evaluating single-signon and testing
it in a typo3.org development environment to connect all the different
logins. Stay tuned :-)

Thanks for pushing the issue of the multiple logins to get things started.

Greets, Sebastian

-- snip
Can I manage multiple projects from a single installation of Trac? ¶

(or do I have to setup a different directory for each one?)

Only one installation is required, then for each project create an
Environment (using trac-admin <fooproj> initenv). They will be separate
projects, all handled by the same installation of Trac.

Note: Right now there is no support for sharing information between

The rationale for this is that the scope of Trac (1.0) is to manage a
single project, and do it well. Support for larger multi-project
management adds a lot of complexity, but is planned for post-1.0
development, probably as a separate framework around Trac.

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