[TYPO3-typo3org] Request: Move trac to a t3.org subdomain

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Mon Aug 21 16:30:56 CEST 2006

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Otto wrote:
> Well, I don't see any huge benefits that could come from the bounty-thingie
> compared to consolidating the server infrastructure, user intferfaces login
> credentials and so on.

I haven't been to that bugsquasing meeting you were talking about
because I was doing a code-sprint at that time, but what I have heard
from Sebastian is that trac isn't as well-structured and doesn't have as
good access control then mantis and thus they decided to stick with it
for the moment.

I agree with that, and think we should have a close look at how both
Trac and Mantis evolve and when Trac is turning out to be the better
supported system in the long run, switch over to it.

But if I get it right you are talking about three things at the same
time: Switching to Trac for bugtracking, consolidating the server
infrastructure and implementing Single Signon.

I think those things can perfectly be evaluated separately.

About consolidating the server infrastructure, I think putting even more
  things on typo3.org and have more complex strucures with hand-made
single-signon doesn't ease the situation we currently have with
typo3.org but makes it even worse. There's a lot of work to be done on
typo3.org and the problem is that it's all so complex that only Robert
Lemke knows how to do it (fortunately Michael Scharkow has just begun
digging into it to take some of that load off his shoulders!).

But the great thing about bugs.typo3.org and wiki.typo3.org running
independently is that there was no direct reliance on typo3.org and
maintaining it was mostly an easy thing to do.

Now, about the third part of what you're proposing, Single Signon: I
think SSO is fine and we do need it, but I'm much more in favor of using
the solution from http://www.single-signon.com/ because it doesn't force
us to have everything on one server. There are already SSO modules for
Mantis and MediaWiki.

A solution which involves only light interaction and interdependence
between typo3.org on the one side and the bug-tracker and the wiki on
the other side seems to be the better option to me.


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