[TYPO3-typo3org] Request: Move trac to a t3.org subdomain

Andreas Otto andreas.otto at dkd.de
Mon Aug 21 15:05:00 CEST 2006

Hello Seabstian,

Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:
> I just want to point out that we did not find a solution for the
> upcoming bounty system. Ingmar and me are planning to activate that
> mantis feature soon.

We figured out that the bounty-thingie is the _only_ thing which is not
supported out of the box by TRAC, yet. However, I believe that for this
bounty-thingie it would be enough to use a custom field where you can mark
issues as bounty-thingie.

There was no word about activating the bounty-thingie any time soon during
the meeting I attended.

> Besides, the issues of comfortable user and rights 
> management were not sorted out to a satisfying point (at least not for
> me).

That was not discussed at all. But I have shown a possibility in my last
email that we could use mod_auth_mysql to access the fe_users table from
TYPO3.org for the TRAC logins. Which leaves us only with a handfull of
accounts which would need higher priviledges than just submitting an issue.
Which can be done using trac-admin on the shell.

> I would use trac for source tracking, etc, but not as a replacement for
> the current bugtracker at the moment. When trac matures and someone has
> written a bounty system for it, we can decide again.
> I hope it does not sound pessimistic, I really like trac's diff view for
> example, but I don't think it is mature enough for us at the moment in
> the above outlined parts.

Well, I don't see any huge benefits that could come from the bounty-thingie
compared to consolidating the server infrastructure, user intferfaces login
credentials and so on.


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