[Typo3-typo3org] Bad links?

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Mon Sep 26 21:23:00 CEST 2005

Michael Stucki wrote:
> Hi Kasper,
>>>I really don't understand why RealUrl works so hard! I wonder if it's
>>>wise to think about restarting that project?
>>Come on. Realurl works perfectly, there is no flaw in its logic. All
>>this is related to
>>a) partly me flushing tables and realurl having changed default
>>behaviour - and I'm sorry for being that un-careful.
>>b) non-persistence of ids-related-to-content (as described above for the
>>documentation section) and this is completely independant of realurl
>>which is a layer that faithfully translates these relations on top of
>>the whole thing without a glitch.
> There are some small things which make RealUrl somewhat unfamous. I'm not
> sure if it's really RealUrl or if it's just the way it has been set up, but
> here are some issues that nag me when browsing on typo3.org:

I don't know if this is the right place to discuss realurl and the 
benefits. So pls advise.

In Sept 2004 I came up with a proposal in typo3.dev for an "Approval for 
a lean real URL solution". Due to the experiences in the past few 
days/weeks I would like to conclude.

1) Human readable URLs is a postulation of the past when sites where slim.
2) Human readable URLs is Pre-Google.
3) Human readable URLs is before efficient bookmarking or shortcuts.

1) Why should I waste space of brain to remeber items that can't be 
found "postvars ..."
2) Why not using powerfull tools, e.g. Apache mod_rewrite, 10 lines of 
php code to get a solution, that ANY developer can understand within 2 
minutes (or might be capable to be writen on a beer mat ;-)

1) <pagename>.html reflects types. This will be defined in localconf.php
i.e: index.html  -> type=0
print.html -> type=98
2) alias will extended in that way, that '/' will be an allowed character
3) alias will be extended to varchar(255)
4) publish will be extended in that way that it will create the REAL 
structure: i.e. alias /extensions/list/index.html will create a file 
index.html with the path /publish/extensions/list/, if publish is the 
path def. to publish.
4)mod_rewite will be used to check if dynamic or static content is to 
5) ANY GET parameters will be added AFTER the .html in that way:
6)Only few lines of code are required to translate that to TYPO3 
compatible code. NO DB queries, less overhead.


I understand that realurl is a solution that a developer loves to 
develop. But IMHO there is to much overhead and it's to complex.

Perhaps the time is right now to rethink the concept.

Regs. Peter.

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