[Typo3-typo3org] Bad links?

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Sep 26 19:12:58 CEST 2005

Hi Kasper,

>> I really don't understand why RealUrl works so hard! I wonder if it's
>> wise to think about restarting that project?
> Come on. Realurl works perfectly, there is no flaw in its logic. All
> this is related to
> a) partly me flushing tables and realurl having changed default
> behaviour - and I'm sorry for being that un-careful.
> b) non-persistence of ids-related-to-content (as described above for the
> documentation section) and this is completely independant of realurl
> which is a layer that faithfully translates these relations on top of
> the whole thing without a glitch.

There are some small things which make RealUrl somewhat unfamous. I'm not
sure if it's really RealUrl or if it's just the way it has been set up, but
here are some issues that nag me when browsing on typo3.org:

- Bad "postVar"-error message (though technically correct)
- Instead of error messages, one should be redirected to the search page
  with the url keywords prefilled into the search form
- Problems when pages are renamed. (Suggestion: Maintain some kind of
  history-table with previous RealUrl names of pages)
- Last but not least, it slows down the page output with a lot of SQL

Well, I admit that I probably just don't like it because of all the many
problems we had with it (I know, it's not always the problem of RealUrl).

> How to proceed next time: I don't know. I might think twice and see if
> that makes things better, but if you want bullet proof solutions from me
> that will be so costly in terms of time that I will stay away from
> touching the issue in the first place. So I always accept a little risk.
> I think this glitch was acceptable to me, after all we are trying to
> improve it. Anyone who doesn't think so are welcome to define more
> strict standards and find out how to finance them. I don't insist to
> mess up things of course.

Fine with me if you're happy with the current solution.

Regards, michael
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