[Typo3-typo3org] Bad links?

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2005 at typo3.com
Fri Sep 23 15:21:32 CEST 2005

> Hmmm. You ask if it was a mistake to flush the mapping table. Wouldn't it be
> easier to just try importing this table from the backup?

Concerning all id-to-path mappings they are fixed now. No big deal. Of
course we could re-import.

However, if all problems are related to the documentation library now,
then that doesn't matter at all since the deep links in that section
WILL change over time. There is simply no way to ensure long-term link
consistency in the documentation library (to chapters deep in documents)
since that depends on how carefully documentation authors and extension
owners choose to maintain the old references to new or re-arranged
chapters in the documentation.

> How will you proceed with this next time the problem occurs?
> I really don't understand why RealUrl works so hard! I wonder if it's wise
> to think about restarting that project?

Come on. Realurl works perfectly, there is no flaw in its logic. All
this is related to 

a) partly me flushing tables and realurl having changed default
behaviour - and I'm sorry for being that un-careful.

b) non-persistence of ids-related-to-content (as described above for the
documentation section) and this is completely independant of realurl
which is a layer that faithfully translates these relations on top of
the whole thing without a glitch. 

You only blame realurl because that is what you see on top. Jürgen even
suggested to disable it - which would only make ALL links break :-)

How to proceed next time: I don't know. I might think twice and see if
that makes things better, but if you want bullet proof solutions from me
that will be so costly in terms of time that I will stay away from
touching the issue in the first place. So I always accept a little risk.
I think this glitch was acceptable to me, after all we are trying to
improve it. Anyone who doesn't think so are welcome to define more
strict standards and find out how to finance them. I don't insist to
mess up things of course.

BTW: I have still received NO examples of links that doesn't work (of
course I have found a lot myself but only some that cannot be fixed due
to above mentioned problems). I would really, really like to understand
exactly what links (examples) are so critical that people are going

- kasper

> Best regards
> - michael
- kasper

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