[Typo3-typo3org] Re: OT: Blob fields in TYPO3

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Fri Mar 18 11:36:21 CET 2005

Michael Stucki wrote:
> And even if it makes sense here - there are really a lot of blob fields in
> TYPO3, and I still don't know what was the reason for that!

me neither :)
Complaining since my first look at the DB.

> Examples:
> - fe_groups: TSconfig is a blob although the content is pure text I think

it IS pure text

> - fe_users: usergroup is a tinyblob
> - tt_products: The image is a tinyblob although it only contains a filename

ALL image fields

> - sys_template: constants and setup (name=config) are both blob

*chucks his shoulders

> Shouldn't this be changed?

yes please

  _Can_ this be changed after all?

We change almost every field in our installs because it speeds up 
debugging from phpmyadmin.
BLOBS can hold both CHAR and BINARY data.
TEXT can hold CHAR data.

There are no requests sent to mysql where binary data get's converted to 
any other format readable by the browser.
But I will write a benchmark NOW checking how much faster TEXT is over 
BLOB because there is no founded documentation on the myssql side.

But from the programming POV things work like this:
Access a TEXT field:
  Nothing much happens, data is being read and returned
Access a BLOB field:
  mysql sees a BLOB field, runs functions to determine the possible 
content and THEN returns the data

Sounds like overhead to me

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