OT: Blob fields in TYPO3 (was: Re: [Typo3-typo3org] typo3.org - short time todos)

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Mar 18 11:15:26 CET 2005

Karsten Dambekalns wrote:

> Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] wrote:
>> why blob?
>> Since my first day with typo3 i always asked why we store CHAR data in
>> BLOB (BINARY!!!!) datatypes.
> We talk about fields containing the actual extension code here...

And even if it makes sense here - there are really a lot of blob fields in
TYPO3, and I still don't know what was the reason for that!

- fe_groups: TSconfig is a blob although the content is pure text I think
- fe_users: usergroup is a tinyblob
- tt_products: The image is a tinyblob although it only contains a filename
- sys_template: constants and setup (name=config) are both blob

Shouldn't this be changed? _Can_ this be changed after all?

- michael
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