[Typo3-typo3org] Server requirements for T3 sites

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Tue Mar 15 17:49:13 CET 2005



> So I'd like to see a way to profile typo3.org for a week or so, so that 
> we see where the load is being generated.
> This way we can work efficient on the problems.

1+ for this.

> There also have been discussions on PHP caches speeding up PHP.
> Last thing:
> Let's think about which parts of typo3.org can be static HTML.
> Publishing mechanisms are not that hard to implement in typo3.
> Plus this might be a good way to split stuff up.

I can help on this, we already have implemented somthing like this, and 
together with volker we are working on a even better solution..

> Suggestions?
During our performance tests me discovered that the bottomleg in our 
setup was the database. From other projects we are shure, that there are 
serveral projects for speeding up MySQL, so we now manly think, that a 
good configured MySQL System will be able to handle more Users on one 
machine. Could this be a point to start from ?


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