[Typo3-typo3org] Server requirements for T3 sites

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Tue Mar 15 09:36:22 CET 2005

Robert Lemke wrote:
> I created a simple page in the wiki [1], please enter or correct whatever
> you think makes sense and explain it in this list. Also think about what
> parts would make sense to split up (typo3.org and typo3.com is clear
> enough, but what about teams.typo3.org, documentation.typo3.org,
> users.typo3.org etc.?)

The main thing is that we would need to sync the DBs in a way.
But before talking about what to sync we should try to profile the 
servers so we know what we need to boost.
If mysql freaks out it is weird to put more frontend servers in.
If mysql turns thumbs while PHP loads up the machines we don't need a DB 

So I'd like to see a way to profile typo3.org for a week or so, so that 
we see where the load is being generated.
This way we can work efficient on the problems.

If DBAL is working fine I'd like to take a look if t3.org works fine 
with postgres.

Another point of view often arises in on sqlserverperformance.com.
They say "before you start building clusters try to match power with 
power" - means: before setting new machines up boost the one you have to 
its technical limits.
We did set up a dual opteron some while ago which somewhat handles more 
load than the dual xeons we had.
Downside is that they are more expensive (but also we have less points 
of failure).

There also have been discussions on PHP caches speeding up PHP.

Last thing:
Let's think about which parts of typo3.org can be static HTML.
Publishing mechanisms are not that hard to implement in typo3.
Plus this might be a good way to split stuff up.
I don't think that annotations are so widely used within the docs as 
they could be.
Most stuff is being handled on the mailing lists - so we could skip this 
and publish all docs on a server that serves "static" php files.
We eliminate all the typo3 overhead 1% of the users use and put them 
into small standalone chunks of code.
This would reduce load in the docs section dramatically.
TER should be overhauled (maybe with cached SQL statements?), I can help 
with that.


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