[Typo3-typo3org] typo3.org - short time todos

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at icecrash.com
Mon Mar 14 21:45:44 CET 2005


> Robert has access to a nagios setup, and Juergen is monitoring typo3.org as
> well. This is not the real problem - everyone monitoring the server, but
> not having *power* to do something, is pretty much useless :)
as I now from chats with Michael, anyone thought about a central 
user-authentication on typo3.org and its service?

* a central userbase exists (typo3.org -> feusers)
* there a many ways to use the userbase for authentication
* apache-authmysql
* pam-mysql
* ...

things to do:
- mirroring the userbase to a fallbackserver
- define access to servers on group base
- setup auth for server-access by pam-mysql


Just an idea.
Before any new person could really help, the companies and persons that 
currently offer services for typo3.org should describe on which hosts 
what things are done (sorry, I know the wiki-page but it's not really 
described there), otherwise newcomers only can do blabla.

Service - Environment - Additional info

Greets Sven

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