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Ingo Renner typo3 at ingo-renner.com
Thu Apr 14 05:48:21 CEST 2005

Am Wed, 13 Apr 2005 23:12:31 +0200 schrieb Mathias Schreiber [wmdb]:

> just a quick idea that crossed my mind:
> Everybody want's DocBook.
> For semantically correct markup.
> Fine so far.
> But what for?
> We can push stuff into several different formats.
> That IS cool.
> But who is going to do it.
> Or even better: who really needs it?
> I mean I still got my old TSRef.chm file here because it's way faster to 
> search.
> But after taking a look at the doc section I wanted to ask, whether so 
> many different formats make sense at all?
> We have like maybe 10 to 15 files that are worth to be exported as let's 
> say chm.
> Most of this stuff is API docs anyways, so this could even be done 
> manually. Let's go out and find some bored noob, let him do the stuff as 
> chm and for this mention him in <h3> tags on typo3.org.
> This would do for me.
> Do the math:
> All the hassle - switching tools, rewriting docs and stuff - vs. the 
> benefit of being able to export marlen's tutorials to chm or HTML?
> If I want to have docs in a different format than online HTML I want 
> them as PDF or SXW so I can download and PRINT them.
> How on god's green earth would want to print some HTML page if you can 
> have a PDF or SWX to print it?
> If you think people will download HTML docs to read them on their 
> screens offline - this is nonsense IMHO.
> Most people will use the online versions just because they think they 
> missed something or are not up to date.

I'm with you!


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