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Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Wed Apr 13 23:12:31 CEST 2005

Sven Wilhelm wrote:
> There is a Filter available that lets you use the tags of docbook inside
>  OOorg. You can also save it as docbook.
> From the people point of view (who can use docbook without problems
> directly) all important features of the format aren't available this
> way. But for office-typers it's a graphical interface.

just a quick idea that crossed my mind:
Everybody want's DocBook.
For semantically correct markup.
Fine so far.

But what for?
We can push stuff into several different formats.
That IS cool.
But who is going to do it.
Or even better: who really needs it?
I mean I still got my old TSRef.chm file here because it's way faster to 
But after taking a look at the doc section I wanted to ask, whether so 
many different formats make sense at all?
We have like maybe 10 to 15 files that are worth to be exported as let's 
say chm.
Most of this stuff is API docs anyways, so this could even be done 
manually. Let's go out and find some bored noob, let him do the stuff as 
chm and for this mention him in <h3> tags on typo3.org.
This would do for me.
Do the math:
All the hassle - switching tools, rewriting docs and stuff - vs. the 
benefit of being able to export marlen's tutorials to chm or HTML?
If I want to have docs in a different format than online HTML I want 
them as PDF or SXW so I can download and PRINT them.
How on god's green earth would want to print some HTML page if you can 
have a PDF or SWX to print it?
If you think people will download HTML docs to read them on their 
screens offline - this is nonsense IMHO.
Most people will use the online versions just because they think they 
missed something or are not up to date.

Let the flaming begin :)

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