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Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Tue Apr 12 10:04:56 CEST 2005

Peter Niederlag wrote:
> Does anybody have any figures on how effcient such a "virtual layer" is?

hm, hard to say.

> To me it just doesn't feel very good to have a highload-site served by 
> some "virtual-layer", being it virtuzzo or vmware.
> I might be wrong, but just want to throw in my "feeling" and would like 
> to hear some pros and cons about it from the "server-guys".

Question is what you call "high-load".
We have one host server that does 350 GB with 3 VMWare machines running.
Up to now we don't really have performance problems.
If any of those images should make problems, we simply move it over to a 
host that is not that busy.
There has to be some performance drawback but we cannot tell how big it 
is. We don't "feel" it though.
You have to keep the standards for servers in mind as well.
So loads of RAM and of course use fast harddisks (RAID5 for striping).

The drawback has to be somewhere between "request comes to server" and 
"request runs up the (virtual) LAN cable to the server".
Since this happens quite fast anyways and the stuff that keeps the 
server busy is the rendering of the page this drawback is not really there.

If we talk very high performance, you would need to go for static HTML 
pages anyways so that this drawback comes in place.
So the bottleneck isn't the delivery of the pages, it is the rendering.

Is this some sort of info you wanted to have? :)

All in all I'd always go with virtual machines because you have MUCH 
less hassle moving a machine in case of hardware failures.
Simply copy the files from host A to host B and click "go!".
There you are.
Backups are also easy to make because you simply image the whole host 
harddisk to another machine (pretty fast via gigabit lan) and you're done.
Plus you can start the backup machine with another IP (or the (virtual) 
LAN cable detached)) and then copy stuff from machine A to machine B in 
no time (because same HD on the host).
I like it :)

I think this does not only apply to VMWare but also to any other virtual 
server system, maybe jhh or mh could clear things up.

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