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Bodo Eichstädt be at typo3cluster.com
Tue Apr 12 11:32:26 CEST 2005

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] schrieb:

> Peter Niederlag wrote:
>> Does anybody have any figures on how effcient such a "virtual layer" is?
> hm, hard to say.

I have seen benchmark comparisons:

for "real" virtual servers (VMWare,...)
CPU minus 20% - 30 %
RAM minus 50-200 MB

- real secure context of ram, applications, customers, files, ...

- Perfomance loss

for chroot-like semi-virtual servers:
CPU minus 5-10 %
RAM minus a few MB max.

- minimal performance loss (up to not measurable)
- applications (Apache!!) of the instances/customers can (in some 
implementations) share mem, thus can save huge amounts of memory

- no real dedicated context for application (a security flaw will 
perhaps affect all instances/clients)
- a security flaw can result in the posibility to breaking out of 
chroot/virtual server

To sum up:
Only when clients don't trust each other or installations must be real 
secure against each other =>
real virtual server, e.g. VMWare, ...

The option to create new machines does reduce the over-all, the avereage 
and the peak performance step by step. So keep an eye on peak and 
average load. But to be fair, that's nothing special to virtual 
machines. ;-)

> Plus you can start the backup machine with another IP (or the 
> (virtual) LAN cable detached)) and then copy stuff from machine A to 
> machine B in no time (because same HD on the host).

Copying a site inside a NAS / SAN is almost as fast or faster when the 
server is using such... ;-)

> I like it :)

I know! :)
I too!


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