[TYPO3-core] Domain model "page"

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Mon Mar 30 12:01:15 CEST 2015


On 2015-02-25 21:51, Helmut Hummel wrote:

> I think we all basically want the same on a high level. I was talking
> about the low level implementation which just would not be just done by
> introducing anaemic Domain Models for pages and tt_content

Now I see some reasons for not having unstructured domain models for 
pages/tt_content. The reason I asked was because I used homebrewn domain 
model "Page" and a subclass of it "MenuPage" now for the third time.

In one of the postings on this thread there was an example of a products 
table which has different domain models of the products table for 
different use cases. I fully agree that there shouldn't be a plain Page 
model except if it is an abstract one having just common properties.

But currenttly it is like the community would have created TYPO3, 
TypoScript and then ship it without css_styled_content. Thats like 
offering a company a plain compiler if it has asked for a bookkeeping 
solution :)

I guess the solution would be to have one common abstract Page domain 
model and a multitude of subclasses like "Menu" which of has navTitle, 
subTitle, parentPage and children but not media or recordStoragePage. If 
someone needs specialities he/she would have to extend (The same as 
someone can alter TypoScript).


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