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Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Wed Mar 18 20:21:07 CET 2015


On 18/03/2015 18:22, Christian Kuhn wrote:
> On 15.03.2015 17:21, Benjamin Mack wrote:
>> 3) A different idea which I didn't see yet?
> * Create a fresh extension with a new name that provides basic routing.
> * Result is a barebone extension. If that is not enough, projects could
> still switch to something different. There is no naming conflict.

That sounds like you're suggesting to build a Trabant and we will later 
add a better chassis, larger engine, power steering, better seats, air 
conditioning until it's a BMW. If you need something more comfortable or 
something that can pull your caravan you can use a Mercedes in the mean 
time an perhaps later switch.

Well, more than 80% of the projects at least need an Opel or Volkswagen, 
a further 10% needs a small Mercedes and 5% needs the limo-edition. The 
last 5% could do with the Trabant, but will still use the Mercedes 
because the mechanics know it very well, the spare parts are already 
available and the driving instructors were taught in that car.

I'm not sure it's wise to start with a very basic version. Will it be 
used very often? It's not that we provide an extension that it is just 
there so we can say that TYPO3 provides a routing solution but the world 
uses something else because of the missing features.

Jigal van Hemert
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