[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Anja Leichsenring aleichsenring at ab-softlab.de
Sun Mar 15 21:44:16 CET 2015


tl:dr on the whole thread and without any lenghty explanations:

my vote for putting realurl to core as an intermediate step to own clean 
routing solution.


On 15.03.2015 17:21, Benjamin Mack wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> in the past years, there were (in my eyes) quite a majority of claiming
> that "Speaking URLs" in a enterprise manner should be part of the core.
> Although I am in strong favor of having a small core itself, I see a big
> need for supporting Routing / Speaking URLs out-of-the-box as part of
> the easeness for a simple setup for newbies and the maintenance within
> the Active Contributors. This is the main goal what we want to achieve
> with CMS7. However, this is an important topic which is why I'd like to
> hear your opinion on how we should approach this topic. Here are some
> options from the top of my head, where I'd like your feedback:
> 1) Integrate RealURL as additional system extension, stabilize for CMS 7
> usage for maximum performance and current PHP 5.5 code base. Slowly
> implement a new routing alternative (maybe Dmitry's RealURL 2) for CMS8
> or CMS9 based on standards that are up-to-date and easier to configure.
> Advantages: Migration for 99% of existing systems should be no problem,
> people who want to use CoolURI can still run the core without realurl
> installed. Core updates should be no problem at all anymore when using
> realurl as before.
> Disadvantages: Heavy configuration for any kind of configuration will be
> kept for another 2 major releases until we have a new / better solution.
> 2) Come up with a full-fletched URL generating alternative for CMS7. I'm
> in favor of something like the ChainRouter of Symfony2 CMF Routing
> Framework (see http://symfony.com/doc/master/cmf/book/routing.html)
> Advantages: Clean base starting today.
> Disadvantages: Might not be as feature-complete as RealURL is now
> (multi-language, multi-domain etc.). Migration for older systems might
> be more difficult.
> 3) A different idea which I didn't see yet?
> Let me know what you think - Thanks for your input!
> Keep on contributing!
> Benni.

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