[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Bjoern Jacob bjoern.jacob at tritum.de
Sun Mar 15 19:21:01 CET 2015

Awesome approach! Like Christian said:

"+1 to have FE routing support in the core directly."

IMHO it's not a good idea to include realUrl. We use it in 100% of our projects but the extension has some issues. For example there is no clean and performant solution for doing early redirects. This is a very important feature SEO wise.

I'd prefer to see a clean and performant solution in favor of having realUrl as part of CMS 7 and removing it in CMS 8. I think it would also be no problem to have the new URL feature not in CMS 7 but in 8. The users have waited for this feature for a long time and waiting for it for another year should be no big deal.

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