[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Sun Mar 15 19:54:36 CET 2015


On 03/15/2015 06:51 PM, Ingo Pfennigstorf wrote:
> I would love to see a nicely configurable routing solution, such as
> symfony routing. The configuration of RealURL is yes, well known, but
> configuring a routing in a PHP Array will not be the way to go. There
> should be something such as a TypoScript Configuration API or the Yaml
> way which is also suitable for the so called "Integrators".

Just some points that need to be resolved to have a "clean" solution 
*not* based on realurl. Just as rough guess:

* 2 Month - Introduce a new API around _GET, adapt all extensions - 
realUrl circumvents this problem by hacking _GET directly on decoding.

* 2-3 Month - Find a solution for cHash and its cache issues - This is 
so deep in the FE chain that I'd expect at least 2 month of work to 
rewrite and it will include re-thinking the (insane) USER_INT approach

* 2-4 Month - Rewrite typolink(), simplify option madness

* 2 Month - Find main concept for route configuration and needs. Review 
other solutions in the wild and create concept for "best-of-all"

* 2 Month - Hack PageRendered into pieces and rely on a real Request / 
Response model (symfony routing requires this for example, and we need 
that anyway)

* 2 Month - Find a redirect solution that performs well.

* ? - Simplify language

* ? - Find a solid solution for multi domain sites and its 
configuration. The current DB based approach is limited and bites you.

* 4-8 Month - Find a new configuration language that is *not* based on 
PHP arrays for low level stuff. Kick ext_tables.php, ext_localconf, 
LocalConfiguration and some others accordingly. This would then also 
solve a big part of the extbase backend performance problem.

* 2-6 Month - If further 3rd party libs are include (eg. symfony stuff), 
this *must* be based on composer, everything else would be totally 
insane -> create better installer & rewrite em again. Maybe this 
"detail" will be part of CMS 7, though.

Add some further month for all the required backwards compatibility 
layers and things until everything is finally stable.

All in all I think if we do not add realurl *now*, we will not have core 
supported routing before core version 9 (> 3 years) since every single 
point of the list above is a big one. Oh, and this is just what came to 
my mind, I guess there is more.


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