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Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Sat Feb 21 23:20:46 CET 2015


On 20/02/2015 17:46, Philipp Wrann wrote:
> I dont think you can compair TemplaVoila with an Extbase/Fluid approach.
> Extbase/Fluid are allready part of the core, modules are written in the
> framework and so are frontend extensions. Integrators and devs are used
> to Fluid/Extbase. It would only make sense to unify the frontend
> generation under that technology.

Sorry that I used TemplaVoilà as an example. It was more about the 
reasoning why some will think that feature X (currently provided by an 
extension) should definitely be included in the core and why it's better 
to leave those things to extensions.
You could find a lot of features/extensions which are absolutely vital 
for some people and they will often have the opinion that it should be 
shipped with the core.

> BTW: I allways considered TemplaVoila as crap and i think others did
> too... But i cant imagine people would stick to css_styled_content if
> there would be an extbase/fluid solution. Just because you guys did a
> real great job (!) on those.

Maybe you didn't like the code of TV or the way it stored data, but from 
other points of view it was useful; for integrators it has a easy point 
and click system to map HTML templates, for editors it offered drag & 
drop in the page module (which was only introduced in 6.0 for the 
default page module), and so on.
While TypoScript is complex for some, for those who know their way 
around all the properties it's a powerful tool to do complex things. If 
you want to do the same in Fluid you need a lot of viewhelpers which do 
not yet exist. For you it may be easy to write one, many integrators 
can't create one.

> I think starting the change is a frightening and uncomfortable thought
> but i encourage you to dare it :) Old renderers could simply remain for
> compatibility (deactivated content adapter).

Old code can remain for compatibility reasons, but it has to be 
maintained by someone.
That's not a reason to not change anything ever, but it's important to 
not include everything that can be included.
The render methods from before CSS Styled Content are gone, so maybe 
it's time to introduce the next generation.

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