[TYPO3-core] Domain model "page"

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Fri Feb 20 14:57:01 CET 2015


On 20.02.2015 14:01, Philipp Wrann wrote:
> But when messing around with
> tt_content.text.10.20.cObject.stdWrap.typolink.paramter.blablabla i like
> to quit my job every single time...

That's a different topic - this area is related to css_styled_content 
and the way it brings tt_content from db to FE. You're absolutely right, 
the current approach is rather rusty and needs better technology and 
simplification. We'll probably do some steps into the right direction 
for 7.2.

> Conclusion: In my opinnion there should definitly be domain models for
> the CMS part of TYPO3.CMS

tt_content is basically a content repository. That is a more complex 
thing than just providing a couple of models and it currently has no 
sane extbase foundation.


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