[TYPO3-core] Domain model "page"

Philipp Wrann philippwrann at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 14:01:28 CET 2015

As far as i understand a CMS - presenting the page and content model would kind of be domain driven - wouldnt it?

TYPO3.CMS is a Content Management System - and at this specific context it lacks heavily of some very basic things.

Since 6 LTS we can see TYPO3 as a real solide engine for a website, we have that nice MVC Framework, great cachings, the FAL, good principles and nice utilities. But when messing around with tt_content.text.10.20.cObject.stdWrap.typolink.paramter.blablabla i like to quit my job every single time...

I dont see a reason why TYPO3.CMS should NOT be shipped with some fresh and modern approach like Fluidcontent/Flux etc. are trying to provide. A extbase based Frontend with some views shipped by default (can be overwritten by templatePaths) would be a real blessing.

Conclusion: In my opinnion there should definitly be domain models for the CMS part of TYPO3.CMS

Just my 2 cents.

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