[TYPO3-core] Domain model "page"

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Fri Feb 20 13:31:05 CET 2015


On 19.02.2015 21:21, Steffen Müller wrote:
> I disagree. Extbase already ships pointless domain models for a
> fictional CMS domain, e.g. FrontendUser. IMHO these models violate the
> domain driven design principle: I have never seen a domain which uses
> all properties of FrontendUser and therefore these properties should not
> be exposed. The same would go for pages.
> One could argue with convenience to create domain models facets based on
> the core models, but it gets rather pointless when you want your domain
> model classes to also serve as a documentation of your domain. You would
> have to add all properties + getter/setters to the facet anyway.

Full +1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

This is exactly the reason why extbase has no page model and hopefully 
never will.

Furthermore, domain modeling is about solving the specific domain. 
Properties that are not relevant in a specific domain should not be part 
of an according model, no matter if they are part of an underlying db 
table or not.
We're striving for single and simple domain models for specific domains 
in our application nowadays: If there is for example a table with 
products and a ton of db fields, there is a model for customer 
containing properties shown on the website for "buyers" like price, 
title, whatever. And there is another (mostly independent) model for 
"accounting" showing how many were bought and the title and a price 
history. And there is a model for "logistics" containing stock and 
stuff. So, all of these go to the same table in the end, but they are 
independent from each other and don't interfere - ok, maybe there is one 
abstract to contain basic stuff that *everyone* needs, but that is not 
the important thing. The point is there is no monster model that 
contains everything for every use case.

Introducing a generic page model to extbase would introduce this 
monster. This must be avoided.


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