[TYPO3-core] problems after upgrading from typo3 6.2.16 to 6.2.17

Alex Tuveri at at uniud.it
Mon Dec 28 16:12:33 CET 2015

HI, I made several tests in the last 2 days.
This is the report:

1. the error is very annoying and moreover 'weird', because, to reproduce it i switchet my site from 6.2.16 to 6.2.17. Apparently all works until I have cleared all cache (frontend/configuration).

2. just removed the cache, the site is broken (I can see only the first column/area content). It seems that the array to perform more markers substitution over the 1st content fails.

3. to restore the previous rendering, I clear newly all cache, re-connect to the previous source modifying the symlink

4. at this point the site do not work more as expected. Turnin back to the v. 6.2.16 the site is *always* broken.  So I attempted to clear the cache manually (rm -rif typo3temp/Cache/*). Nothing to do. 

5. at this point the only way to return back is to recover the entire database from a previous backup.

I also activated debug mode, but nothing was printed out (no errors). I suspect that the error is some of a logical error.

However my deprecationlog (located into: typo3conf) shows some errors regarding extension that will be not compatible with the newer T3 versione 7.x.

If you need to have some additonal infos (ie. logfiles, screenshots, etc.), please contact me privately, I do not want to publish here.

Thank you very much

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