[TYPO3-core] Branch for 7.1

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Tue Apr 28 14:59:04 CEST 2015


On 2015-04-28 13:20, Peter Niederlag wrote:

 > Another idea would then be to fully skip separate minor level branches
 > and just keep one branch per major version (7,8,9,...).

Sounds like a good idea. So branches for every major version and for an 
LTS release. The mentioned tag-workflow won't work if you have more than 
one commit: like multiple security fixes for one micro version update ...

Another idea would be to throw version numbers away at all. Then a new 
release announcement would sound like.

Dear TYPO3 World,

The TYPO3 Community has just
released TYPO3 CMS 4b0660720f794864bfc673ef66b2a1806f2e6daf


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