[TYPO3-core] Documentation status

Ernesto Baschny eb at cron.eu
Thu Feb 27 17:11:06 CET 2014

Hi Francois,

thanks for coming up with that topic. Great to see that we are up to
date with most important manuals. Good job!

There will be time and space to have an updated "Installation guide"
including an "Upgrade from 4.5 to 6.2" section, this is already planned
and I even started with it already. This is a very important initiative
from the "Smooth Migration" project.

Will try to work on this during the Code Sprint in Venlo. Martin Bless
will be there as well to support us in case we need some infrastructural

Steffen Ritter AFAIK has also reserved some time for the FAL
documentation topic, so will most probably get more input during the
Code Sprint.

So if anything you think of that could be done by talking face to face
with each other, please document that somewhere and let us know for the
Code Sprint in Venlo!


François Suter schrieb am 27.02.2014 15:19:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to give you a status update and raise some (serious) issues
> related to the official documentation ahead of the release of TYPO3 CMS
> 6.2.
> First the good news: the manuals that are generally kept up to date
> should be once more updated on time. These are:
> - TypoScript reference
> - TSconfig reference
> - TCA reference
> - Core APIs
> Some very basic tutorials with very few screenshots will likely be okay
> or can be updated with little effort. These are:
> - TypoScript in 45 minutes
> - Templating tutorial
> And now the bad news. Introductory manuals such as:
> - Installation guide
> - Getting started tutorial
> - Editors guide
> are already out of date and will be even more so with the revamped
> Install Tool and all the UX changes. With the current manpower (i.e.
> Christopher, Christian Wöbberking and me), there is simply no hope to
> have these manuals updated on time.
> And of course, there's still the big FAL desert.
> I don't see any solution except having more manpower. So if any of you
> out there feel inspired to contribute to documentation, this is a very
> good time for doing so.
> Cheers

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