[TYPO3-core] Running core+sysext unit tests from console

Steffen Ritter steffen.ritter at typo3.org
Wed Feb 19 07:34:46 CET 2014


Am 19.02.14 00:07, schrieb Steffen Müller:
 > When I try to run the core unit tests on the shell console, I end up in
> PHP fatal errors:
> Is there a workaround except activating all sysexts?

either adapt the tests, checking if the ext is installed or install the 
extensions. Had that yesterday, too.

Minimal required set:
scheduler, filelist, tstemplate, lowlevel, belog, beuser, documentation, 
reports, indexed_search, rtehtmlarea, setup, form, felogin

and of course: php unit


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