[TYPO3-core] Second TYPO3 Codespint in Poland

Tymoteusz Motylewski t.motylewski at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 18:30:23 CET 2014

Next weekend 7th to 9th of February 2014 Polish TYPO3 community is organizing a TYPO3 code sprint in Poznan, Poland.
We will work on 3 goals:
1. Bugfixing and reviews for 6.2
2. Introduction to git/gerrit workflow for new contributors
3. Relaunch typo3.pl website with Neos

The same as before the previous sprint, I have two kind requests :)
It would be great if some of the active contributors can support us with reviews and also be available on IRC channel. This is very important especially for the new contributors, to get theirs first patches reviewed and maybe even merged during sprint. 

Secondly, I'm looking for easy tasks/bugs new contributors could start with. So if you stumble upon any, please let me know :) 
We will also have some frontend devs in the team, so it can be frontend related. 

Also, if you have a patch which needs reviews, and will be available to answer reviewer questions, we can also add it to our board.

Of course everybody is also welcome to join not only remotely but also on site :)

Sprint location:
Macopedia Sp. z o.o.
ul. Matejki 46/3
60-767 Poznań

Contact person:
Krzysztof Adamczyk

Thanks a lot

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