[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Mathias Schreiber mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Sat Aug 30 08:51:09 CEST 2014

Quote: Jigal van Hemert wrote on Fri, 29 August 2014 20:50
> Are in these cases the content elements in an area where editors can put 
> content elements arranged in rows?

Pretty much yes.
I know there are plenty of grid-rwd-frameworks out there, I just tend to like foundation.
So in no way I intend to say "lets do everything how they do it", but if an editor could just add a CE to a row and tell it how wide it should be on different screens this would make it easier for the editor to get a grasp of RWD, which I consider the biggest problem in the industry right now.
Editors don't get what they need to do, it's always clumsy.

> > Next up I'd love to see page-templates.
> Can I summarize this as the possibility to create new pages which 
> already have a set of content elements on them?

I know I haven't thought it through thoroughly but in general yes, something like that.
Details would be stuff like:
- May a CE be hidden
- May a CE be moved

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