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Felix Nakelski nakelski at bergisch-media.de
Wed Aug 27 09:45:44 CEST 2014

Hi Phillipp,

to this point, I would rather agree to Michael:

>> To my knowledge, contributors are working on there free time on issues.
>> do what pleases them. Therefore any vision can only be:
>> Would be cool to have X.

> Who pays your bread? Why is it that you (contributors) work on the
> things that you personally like, but not what your customers want?

It’s ok and good, that contributors work in their free time. That’s what I
would call a community.
But: As far as I know, there is a „vision“ that calls TYPO3 CMS an
„Enterprise CMS“ - an if this „vision“ is still actual, the main goal
should or must be to fit the needs of „enterprise customers“.

For example I would call the workspaces an „Enterprise feature“. We, and I
think other agencies too, sold the TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS as the new „must
have“ (due to security issues and so on) and invested a lot of work into
updates. And afterwards we found out that the workspaces are not really
usable … 

TYPO3 CMS 6.2 was a very big step in the evolution of the application, but
with a look on our customers, the focus of the development was set not to
the right issues. 

For that, I would like to have a concrete vision, on which a new version
is developed. The vision should include some key-features which are
developed with the highest priority.


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Felix Nakelski

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Am 27.08.14 08:57 schrieb "bernd wilke" unter <t3ng at bernd-wilke.net>:

>Am 26.08.14 21:14, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Michael Stucki wrote:
>>> My wish is that we can agree on the direction and accept one or the
>>> other inconsistency and detour that exists in TYPO3 CMS. Instead, the
>>> focus should be put on features which serve the operators, integrators,
>>> editors who are working with TYPO3 today and for the next few years..
>> To my knowledge, contributors are working on there free time on issues.
>> do what pleases them. Therefore any vision can only be:
>> Would be cool to have X.
>> Whether or not someone picks that up, is up to the contributors.
>> Just because some contributors feel responsible to work on not so easy
>> features, does not make any predefined vision authoritative.
>> If a vision is enforced, many contributions are lost.
>if you have no common goal there is the danger of getting a big pile of
>bricks which does not fit together. therefore a authority is good to lay
>out a line and cut of projects which does not fit (yet).
>you may need no authority as long as all members agree on the goal and
>work together to build up a unique software. once the members split up
>and drive on just their own enhancements the software may split up and
>get distorted. other software projects have done a fork and separate
>softwares evolve.
>as our authority Casper has abdicated the association as a democracy may
>replace it. this may need to improve the current infrastructure for
>voting about decisions. but I think the association is able to set a
>goal and to support it with resources so also unliked but neccessary
>task should be done.
>> Disclaimer: I agree that it is good to have list of issues, attached
>> some priorities. However making certain visions authoritative reduces
>> importance and value of other contributions.
>you can not acceppt every conrtibution otherwise single contributions
>could break the software for everyone else.
>you need to agree on a common goal where every contribution must fit in.
>and sometimes you need to rebuild the core to glue everything together
>in a more appropiate way. and this must be a task for everyone involved.
>you can not build a skyscraper where everyone is allowed to build up his
>storey but noone is willing to do the basement (or will enhance the
>basement to carry all the ready build storeys)
>and every story has to support a common infrastucture like lifts and
>water supply otherwisethe building gets a maze of unusabilities.
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