[TYPO3-core] Bypass version compatibility check in 6.2 extension manager

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Fri Nov 15 14:27:00 CET 2013

Am 15.11.13 13:26, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
> Hi,
> On 15-11-2013 12:15, bernd wilke wrote:

> For some extensions and some versions there is the option to download a
> .zip file (instead of the t3x). I'm not sure what determines that this
> option is available, but I really would like to offer .zip files for all
> extensions in TER. That would be an easier way to inspect code, or even
> run your local diff tool against any previous version to inspect changes.
> There is currently an issue with maintenance of TER, but once it gets
> resolved this is a feature that is probably welcomed by many people
> wanting to look at the extension before installing it.

it would be an improvement and I use zip-files if available, but 
zip-files are available not often.

and the earlier version of displaying extension files in TER:
I get a lot of SPAM to the emails I used only in my TER-Extensions 
(mostly from italy)

>> one of the hidden features. I'm very unhappy about these features you
>> can use only if you know where to hover and wait/ which area to click,
>> so there are no hints about links or eventhandlers
> The icon which shows that there is a newer version available is a hidden
> feature??

a context menu which appears on hovering while a click follows another link.
Also the behaviour/appearance of the EM has been changed so often since 
the first release. I naver got an overview which option are available in 
which version and no version was really intuitiv (which would mean a 
good UI)

>> I for myself appreciated the overview with _all_ updateable extension
>> with all versions and update comments _and_ the hint about changed files.
>> it was a good base to document the update neccessary, before and after
>> the update, in an installation.
> It's a view that is useful for some people. This is typically an area
> for an extension to do good work. Maybe someone wants to write an
> extension that adds itself to the dropdown menu in EM and shows such an
> overview?
>> improvement = restore old behaviour
> Talking about hidden features, do you want the method to install a
> version other than the latest back in EM?

just at the moment we have the situation: a lot of extension were made 
6.0 ready with a major version-change. old versions of TYPO3 (<=4.7) 
need an older than the newest version to run. Do you really think we 
never will get the same situation?

also if there is a new extension version, you changed to the newest - 
and find a regression after two days.
dropping all pages with the extension until the extension author 
releases a new fixed version?
mostly a no-go, so back to the latest version.

> The reports of everything that was "wrong" in an extension (many of
> those checks were incorrect) lead to quite a few people being worried
> that there were things wrong with an extension.

other software uses multiple level of information:
beginner, advanced, experts, master of the universe

not every admin who uses the EM is a beginner
- and not everyone is a master of the universe to check out all newest 
extension versions from git and working without opening EM ever

> The old EM was quite bad in terms of usability and the code was
> impossible to handle (all the stuff that was added over the years).

a replacement with just 10% of functionality is not really a 
replacement. and IMHO usability has been lowered comparing to the old 
version, so the new EM got some slight improvements since his first version.


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